Target Shooting Disciplines

Rimfire .22 target shooting has several disciplines that can be practiced by the potential shooter.

Prone Rifle – which can be shot at both indoor or outdoor ranges. This position is laying prone on a shooting mat, wearing a special shooting jacket, with a sling and glove for support.
Short range is shot at a distance of 15yds, 20yds, 25yds or 25mtrs.
Long range is shot at outdoor ranges, such as the Douglas Mottram range at Norman Cross, which is our County Range. The distances for long range are 50mtrs and 100yds.

Benchrest is a discipline where you sit at a table and rest the rifle on a stand, with no special clothing unless you wish to wear a shooting jacket. The Benchrest discipline can be shot with a .22 Rimfire rifle at the same distances as for short and long range prone, or alternatively with an Air Rifle if one wishes. You can use any type of sights for this discipline .

Some indoor ranges in the Association also have long arm .22 pistol shooting, which is shot at 20yds.

.177 Air Rifle and Air Pistol – these are shot at 10mtrs with the added distance of 20yds for Air Pistol. No special clothing is needed for the Pistol discipline, apart from comfortable shoes/trainers as this discipline is carried out in the standing position. The same applies to shooting with an Air Rifle but if you wish to go on to shoot this discipline at a higher level then a shooting jacket, trousers and special shooting boots needs to be worn.

Benchrest 10mtr Air Rifle is especially good for beginners and youngsters, as this is done at a bench on a rest, with no special clothing needed.

LSR – Light Weight Sports Rifle – this discipline is one that does not need any special clothing, is mainly shot on indoor ranges and mainly in the standing position. The weight of the rifle is restricted so that it is not too heavy and you can wear a glove on the supporting hand.

The CTSA runs competitive leagues for all the above disciplines, in Individual, Pairs and Team competitions.